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Studio: international art — 1.1893

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Drawing for Reproduction


RAWING FOR REPRODUC- althouSh the effect of the drawing is greatly altered

TION BY PROCESS •_OUT- when the reduction exceeds one-third. Crayon

LINE WORK ANd" TINT S'V6S g°°d results with a reduction of one-fourth

BOARDS unless the drawing is very coarse in texture. Pen-
cil should not have more than one-fourth reduc-

We propose in a series of papers under this tion. In speaking of reproductions of crayon and
heading to discuss, and,

if possible, to discover,
by means of interviews -
with those who have
practical knowledge of
the matter, what kind
of drawing and what
mediums produce the
best results by process
reproduction. From
the statements made
below by some of the
chief firms who repro-
duce outline work, it
will be found that, al-
though their experiences
have been similar, they
do not all agree as to
the most suitable
methods of drawing
for reproduction. Fol-
lowing the experience /
of the firms will be
found an article from
the artists' point of
view, and some notes
on tint and line papers.

I. By L. Chefdeville.

For the most suitable
material on which to
work, I should recom-
mend Whatman or Bris-
tol boards. , : : 33

Bourgeois ink, in
stick, which is an intense dull black, ; -


is, I think, the best. It does not ,7 *. *"^^p^i^SSSP pencil, I mean

flow very easily, but that perhaps is j ~" - >=r- "-^ reproductions in

no drawback, as the artist is thus pre- tT\ ' ■ (© 4, i i = "1. . which there is no

vented from drawing grey. ; • ■ ^^r^Jns., interposition of

It is better to have nothing to do ■ O^Body fcipC tint or stipple ; genuine

with pencil. Pen and crayon have in- reProduction of the

dividual qualities suitable to particular - ^ 1 crayon or pencil with its

subjects. It would be a pity to reject own texture.

j . - _ from a drawing by herbert railton . ,

crayon, which gives very good results reproduced by l. chefdeville Among the very best

if properly printed. Pencil and crayon (By permission 0f Messrs. Isbister &■ Co.) drawings for reproduc-

should be used on rough paper. tion that have come

As to reduction, great latitude is possible, under my knowledge are those by Mr. Herbert