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The Rozenburg Pottery

hearted way. I think I never lived amongst people Some new decorative earthenware produced at the

I liked so much. The church, a colossal building, Hague, and called " Rozenburg Pottery," now being

,, , TT .. i r xt i t u a shown at the rooms of the Decorative Arts Guild,

is now called the Hospital, for Napoleon I. had t • •.. j u c u i . •

1 . 1 Limited, Hanover Square, has not only a certain

it divided into five stones, which are reached by individuaiity of treatment to recommend it, but is

wooden staircases, for the use of his soldiers. It singularly effective in colouring and design. With

is a ghastly thought that this enormous place may a very high glaze and rich colour upon a cream-
have been filled with wounded and dying men. I white ground, it has much in common with
was thankful when I got out of it. Why the people coloured delft; but on closer study there is trace
0, , , ,^ . , of more modern influence, and one feels that not
of Veere, who are very poor, dont take up the ^ ^ pQint Jn itg fayour ig ^ ^ ^ nQ gxact

floors and pull down the partitions I can't tell, for paranel in any previous work. The plaques, which

there must be several thousand pounds worth of by courtesy of the Guild we are allowed to repro-

timber here. A little room built out at the side of duce here, are well adapted for room decoration,

this enormous structure does duty for a church and the prices, ranging from 2S. to 35*., are not

. high. lhe colours are strong but very well

now. Veere is a town which has had many mis- managed; the softened edges J thg designs and

fortunes. Perhaps the inhabitants think that it is the way really fine combinations of rich hues float

a good thing to have a large building above the as it were into each other and gain by strong

water level in case of another inundation. It is very contrasts while preserving the harmony, cannot

difficult to give you an idea of this quaint little place well be expressed either in words or in black and

specimens of the new rozenburg pottery

by letter, some jottings torn from my sketch-book white illustrations. In spite of a liberal use of

would tell you more than any amount of letter- black and of the cream-colour body, there is no

writing, so I send you a few. harshness in the design Messrs. Bisschop, Bos-

5' a. .. . , boom, Josef Israels, and Mesday have united in

Ever yours affectionately, signing a testimonial' b praise 0/the WQ^ which

Arthur G. Bell. its artistic character well merits; but it is not claiming

Hotel Roland, too much for it to call it distinctly the best novelty

Veere, Walcheren, Holland. of its sort of late years.

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