Studio: international art — 1.1893

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The Art Magazines of America

educational importance of a periodica], and next
the very elementary teaching it must needs adopt.
So in almost all the art magazines of the United
States, we find not merely the very first principles

notice from all who were, or pretended to be,
seriously interested in any of the arts.

To teach the art of water-colour painting by a
series of articles, even if reinforced by chromo-


of the arts reiterated—that is both natural and
valuable always—but a certain deference paid to
the amateur, which would not be tolerated in any
periodical that claimed to represent the arts in this
country; or perhaps it were better to say would, if
popularly welcomed, assure it a very contemptuous

lithographic reproductions of the picture in various
stages, would be hardly likely to find a large circle
of buyers in England. Here the amateur, with an
inclination for it, can easily find a professional
instructor, if a recognised school be not at hand.
Wood-carving and the crafts may be helpfully set
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