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Some New Palettes and Colour Boxes

convenient angle, the whole balancing well on the The Creta Lsevis, permanent drawing chalks in
thumb of the left hand. Besides the safe carriage cedar, of Messrs. E. Wolff & Sons, supply a handy
provided for two wet panels, there is room for form of colour that deserves notice. The quality
plenty of colour on the palette; the result being a of their preparation is all one could reasonably
complete sketching outfit weighing eight ounces, expect; as they are neither crumbling nor greasy,
Another variety of the same palette has a sketching on paper of the right texture, they do not smear,
box attached, containing tin trays for colours and and suggest some very happy possibilities in rapid
brushes, oil bottles, &c. Light and compact with colour sketches. A palette of forty-eight shades
ample ease in working, it is difficult to see where cannot be said to be limited, and employed in their
an improvement may be looked for; for unlike own way, some good effects may be obtained,
many ingenious efforts to make the less contain For decorative work also a box of Creta Lrcvis
the greater, it involves no elaborate tidying up and should be a valuable adjunct to the designer,
putting away. The whole thing

is as easily set in working order . - >

—as, say, an umbrella, to . .

choose a homely example for \ >

comparison—and far more " ~:*z~ ^

easily put back into its smallest ' ■ sKV*

compass than is that compli- — ■■'' X

cated arrangement we use

Dainty and delicate are not
adjectives one would usually
apply to a colour box as a
rule, yet a new one Messrs.
Lechertier, Barbe & Co. have
sent us for notice is so charm-
ingly attractive that it is diffi-
cult to believe at first sight that
it means genuine work. In
black soft leather with a silvered
rim it looks like a large cigar-
ette case; as it opens you see
the inside lined with ivory,
ivory palette, ivory compart-
ments for the colours, ivory
pans for the water. Of course
the apparent ivory is celluloid,
and therefore still more service-
able. It is fitted with a dozen
colours, and although so light
and exquisite may do as serious
work as the most clumsy
japanned-tin apparatus. For
carrying in the breast-pocket
of a coat, always available and
yet with no professional aspect
should it by chance come to
sight, it will have a special
charm to many artists who dis-
like to advertise their purpose
to the world at large, and yet
would fain be equipped for any
unexpected emergency.


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