Studio: international art — 1.1893

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Awards in JVall-paper Competition

" dun'elm

Mrs. E. Laidlcr, 82 Ncu> Street, Durham


Miss Bertha N.Graham. ^Princes Street, S.W. female figure, repeating every io\ inches, the

background being a boldly drawn leaf,
made it much more difficult to award the Honourable mention :_

honours. (1) "Craftsman," a very workmanlike treatment

One remarkable feature was the large number of of drawing, based upon the lily ; (2) " Boss;" (3)

designs, into the composition of which more or "German Renaissance;" (4) " Ballilie;" and (5)

less grotesque fishes entered. " Hedgerow."

Some of the designs give the impression that the Qur awar(j js ._

artist started out with a good idea but halted mid- lst ^a^-Pencil, for a very refined treatment of

way, or was cramped for time. Amongst these are tne « Teazie-»

the following, placed in the order of merit:— 2nd Ynz&—Waterlily, for a good commercial

(1) " Dunelm ; " (2) "Jumbo (3) "Berthiah;" re„dering of this plant.

(4) "Gaslight These two we have decided to purchase in

Amongst the black and white drawings espe- accordance with the terms of the competition.

ciaiiy creditable to their authors are :— Yours very truly, Essex & Co.

(!) "Boss;" (2) "Carton;" (3) « Waterlily." 114 & 116 Victoria Street, S.W.

"Kilwuddie" sent a very nicely balanced draw- August 11, 1S93.
ing of African Marigolds, but the subject was
treated in too petite a manner for practical pur-

" Coronet " contributed a design, the most
striking feature of which was a richly draped

"coronet" " perseus "

W. Parker, 131 fyestdown Road, Stratford New Town Miss Harriet Ann Heaton, St. Allan's Road, Watford

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