Studio: international art — 1.1893

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AWARDS IN THE COMPETITION 2. Shirley. Best in execution, but landscape at

FOH. A CALENDAR s^e inaPPr0Priat:e and unmeaning.

3. Eiram. Most attractive in general appearance,

In announcing the awards for the first Studio but not appropriate.

Competition we have to regret that none_ of the 4. Skibbo. Suggestive of William Blake, but too
designs were sufficiently practical to be acceptable uniform and ineffective in colour, more suit-
to the firm who so kindly set the conditions of the able for book page.


•design and adjudged the prizes. We are enabled
by the courtesy of the contributors to reproduce
six of the designs from the large number sent in.
The successful competitors were:

1st Prize, four guineas. Paint Box, J. E. Allen,
45 Ellington Street, Bamsbury.

2nd Prize, two guineas. Shirley, Miss E. F.
Wardlaw, 62 Enmore Park, South Norwood.
The report of the judges runs :—

Studio Competition No. 1 for Day unto Day.
, A Sacred Calendar, 1895.
1. Faint Box. Best in conception, but deficient
in execution.

5. Noira/u. Decorative. Suggestive of stained

glass, but thin in colour and not sufficiently
worked out. Subject more Christmas than
" Day unto Day."

6. IVoodrose (two designs). Imaginative and am-

bitious, but not sufficiently well drawn or
thought out.

The other designs do not call for any special

Marcus Ward & Co.

G. W. Crane,

Art Director.

June 8, 1893.
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