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Some Cottage Tablets

but this particular tablet is in really splendid pre- is much weather-worn and choked up with moss
servation, due to the many liberal anointings with and the like, and will soon have mouldered away
oil paint to which it, with its surrounding wall, into the past; it seemed to me pleasant and worth


Just beyond Folkestone, on the high-road to
Canterbury, is a very curious tablet over a cottage
doorway; it is about two feet square, and is painted
in somewhat illiterate black lettering on a panel.
The cottage, it seems, was built with the timbers
taken from a wrecked East Indiaman, The
Grantham, and the grateful builder placed this
pictorial acknowledgment of his debt over the
doorway. It is quite a local landmark, being
known far and wide as " God's Providence
House;" the cottage itself is, sooth to say, neg-
lected, uncompromisingly ugly, and drear, but
being the bearer of such a quaint legend it cannot
fail to attract the passers-by.

There is yet another "God's Providence House,"

On • ^ • Fa^r m • fiov/e-.

has been subjected—doubtless with the object of
keeping the weather out—and they do have weather
in the Peak.

Another tablet on the bridge a little lower down
in the town with the letters W. I. H. and date
1754, should be noted for its pleasant design.
By-the-by, the student of quaint or old-world
letterings and numerals should not on any account
miss the harvest in that direction waiting to be
reaped from the ancient tombstones in the church-
yards ; original and naive letterings deliciously
akin to the character and type that brilliant artist
E. A. Abbey has made peculiarly his own, and a
host of his imitators have striven to make theirs.

Kent is a county fairly rich in these tablets: „ ,i. „ R-JVf" r+orif».

. . !_*!_• , On.^*»nea^r.romcj tone

here is a rough note ot one which is to be seen on O

the high-road going through Smeeth village, on a which I expect you know—the one at Chester, in

farmhouse adjacent to the late Lord Brabourne's Watergate Street, close to the famous " Rows."

place (Knatchbull-Hugessen of fairy-tale fame) : This picturesque house was almost entirely recon-

the panel is rather deeply countersunk and bears structed in 1862 ; but it has been carefully and

the initials C. E. B. and date 1717. The whole judiciously done, all the rich panelling being taken

* On *Godi- Providence}> Hov/e.* Chepev *

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