Die Form: Zeitschrift für gestaltende Arbeit — 7.1932

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Aus dem Projekt „Rush City Reformed", Richard J. Neutra, Los Angeles

Zusammengedrängte Draufsicht auf drei Typen von Reihenhausentwicklungen für die wachsende und erwachsene Familiengruppe

6. Lage einer Ringplanschule in einem der Grüngürtel von „Rush City Reformed"

Wohnzonen: 4. Nachwuchsgruppen Erstes Jahrzehnt. 5. Erwachsende Gruppen Zweites Jahrzehnt

Vue ä vo! d'oiseau de trois types differents de maisons en aligement pour !es aa'olescents, et les adultes

6. Emplacement d'une ecole ä classes disposees en ovale dans une des ceintures de verdure selon le projet de ,,Rush City Reformed"
Zones d'habitation: 4. Groupes des jeunes. Premiere dizaine d'annees. 5. Groupes des adolescents. Deuxieme dizaine d'annees

6. Situation of a Ringplanschool within one of the greenbelts of „Rush City Reformed"

DwelIingareas: 4. Family breeding. First decade. 5. Adolescent family groups. Second decade

Ringplanschool —

part of the project »rush city reformed«


In all significant periods of the past an education typi-
cal at the time has been a link of communication between
contemporaneous individuals. For this purpose it always
had to satisfy certain current Standards as to m e -
thods and aims of Instruction in the braod
sense of this word. Statelegislation today circumscribes
such Standards and must have the tendency to raise them
to a level adequate to the principles of modern thought
in education.

Schoolbuildings give the influential environment and
framework in which such educational principles are put
into effect. They therefore are defined by regulations
with regard to construction and layout and every execu-
tion of a schoolbuilding is repeatedly checked and
rechecked by official authorities. But even the most con-
scientious enforcement of mostly negative regulations
does not lead up to an ideal Standard.

The next legical step it seems is to develop a
modellayout for buildings devoted to elementary educa-

tion, a largely manufactured schoolbuilding
for seriesproduction which would take advantage of low
cost and simultaneously most suitable qualities of con-
struction. Manufactured housing which the writer has
advoated for years and which in U.S. could serve a
marketcapacity of several billion Dollars per annum, has
been retarded so far not by any technical but by senti-
mental reasons. Such reasons however are hardly valid
with regard to the series construction of wholesome ele-
mentary schoolbuildings, supplied by a capable industry
to the smaller and larger communities of the country. Such
a typical schoolbuilding should conform with the best of
current educational requirements as established by a State
commission of prominent educators. It will be desigend
for an optimal number of pupils practically handled by
one Single Institution. It will be built in flexible construc-
tion, extensively prepared in the fabricationshop and
quickly assembled on the premises. Its installation will be
the best approved and include such features,

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