International studio — 81.1925

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crucifixion Courtesy of Mrs. George Bellows by george bellows

tangle of rich vegetation fills the middle distance, Neither is there space here to treat of the fine

and the boldly accented purple hills beyond with series of lithographs and drawings which we have

lines of light shooting here and there in sudden from his hand, things as fine, perhaps, as anything

and curious irradiation are stabbing bits of form of their kind. His mastery of the stone is

and color that spell out his particular pictorial acknowledged, and in his drawings he showed

powers with special persuasion. again and again a fertility of imaginative design

There is no space in this brief review to speak that found a special vent in this particular medium,
of the interest he took in the theoretical side of In looking over the various phases of Bellows'

painting and design, especially in the Hambidge work, the wide range of his art comes to us

system of dynamic symmetry. But it can be said as a unique thing in contemporary painting. He

with truth that his strong sense of constructional was the embodiment of rightly directed power;

values, dating from his earliest days when he con- he was indeed an artist who hewed to the line,

templated a career in civil engineering, kept him and with a splendid accuracy. His popularity

free from theories which were not demonstrable. was a marked thing from the first, but success

In fact, while discussing these matters on one was slower in coming. When it did, however, it

occasion, he expressed his complete indifference came to him on his own terms. He worked

to the whole category per se by saying that he felt valiantly and without dissimulation for art and

free, if such need should arise, to discard all the happiness that he had in his work was the

theories and technical practices today with the proof of it. His individual rewards were rich, but

full assurance that there would be enough on hand the future alone can give him the crowning gift

tomorrow to meet the requirements of the day. of undying fame.


may 1925
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