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C~A /"estled in the center Reproduction of the temple architectural achievement

yyof a modern city 'in Nashville, Tennessee, IS of the Greek civilization.

stands a replica in comp[ete in the architectural The temple was built of

torm, size and artistic em- , , , , , , marble throughout and

belhshments of that master- and sculptural elements measured 22g feet by I0I

piece of Grecian art, the J? j\ A ROD. ^eet' t^le body °f trie build-
Parthenon, which stood, ing being divided into
completed, on the Acropolis of Athens about the smaller chambers containing sacred vessels, vest-
year 430 B. C. merits, etc. The largest, 100 feet in length, con-
To Nashville, Tennessee, goes the credit for tained the great statue of Pallas Athena, by
the idea and after four years of constant work in Pheidias, which faced the eastern and main
which thousands of dollars were expended, the entrance of the temple. The outer columns num-
best architects, sculptors and artisans retained, bered eight at the ends and seventeen at the sides,
the building is completed on the exterior and is an there being also an inner row of six columns at
artistic, beautiful copy, in all but the material each portico of the temple. Two longitudinal
employed, of the original. rows of columns supported a gallery in the Heka-
The ancient building, or better the ruin of it, tompedos, or largest room; in the western part of
has been a matter of study by artists and sculptors the interior four great columns rose to the roof,
for centuries. Models of it have been constructed There were no windows in the temple, light being
m various museums of the world and it has been admitted through the doors.

conceded by artists of all ages to be the supreme The great statue of Athena, which was,

three hundred two

JULY 1925
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