International studio — 81.1925

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interior of master's bedroom in a new york apartment Pbolo by Amemiya


One of the most sig- Modem Cabinetmakers no Patterson throws an ex-

nificant and encour- longer are Content to make tremeIy illuminating light

aging developments f • f dd «period" on the subject In discuss-

in interior decoration today, • r /r 7 mg our architectural ca-

especially to those who have pieces Of furniture pachy at the beginning of

our national creative genius HO RAGE W. OTT the present century, she

dearly at heart, is the change says: " Perhaps our greatest

from strict "period" furnishing to the congruous achievement was the sudden hopeful realization

assemblage of various periods in a single room, that as a nation we were devoid of architectural

In general, the tendency seems to be either to genius." Now, we believe we are not far astray

regard it as the interesting phenomenon of many when we say that architecture and decoration are

styles growing where formerly one grew, or to pretty congenial companions in the progress of

dismiss it as further evidence of an untutored, their development. The Victorian house, for

cock-sure disregard of the past. That the change example, has had many sins laid at its door, but

may have any broader significance in relation to certainly never that of inconsistency. Indeed, it

our slumbering creative forces will require some- was a jewel of consistency, from the tiniest detail

thing more by way of explanation. of the gew-gaw trimming of the veranda to the

Now that we realize the folly of the period topmost inch of the overwhelming walnut dresser,

interior, we are able to see that it was an inevi- consistently, thoroughly, unmitigatedly ugly. And

table, if uncomfortable, stage in our artistic devel- so, to hark back to Mrs. Patterson once more,

opment. We can explain such an interior more when in 1900 "something went click in our archi-

easily than we could live in it. In her excellent tectural mentality," and we gave up as a bad job

book, American Homes of Today, Augusta Owen the attempt to be original, we may fairly safely

September 1925 Jour twenty-one
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