International studio — 81.1925

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cPrinceton IVLuseurn, a cWorkshop

Pome college art mu- Athough the Collections are visitor unless all this was
^ Seums are gifts, some limited in Size each piece explained to him. And even
appear to be accidental ^ rn representat^e 0f a if this explanation is made
growths, some are veritable J i r -i • j it may not be easily grasped

workshops. And the great- definite period unless the visitor's guide

est of these is the workshop Vv^ilLiaiTl 13 ]V['€0RlV[I(3Kj understands the plan and is
or laboratory as they call sufficiently interested to

it in the pedagogical world. From the view- make the purpose of the museum clear,
point of the average important American art Of the university workshop type the Princeton

museum the university type is likely to impress Museum of Historic Art furnishes the most perfect
the general visitor as a disappointment, so limited example in our country of the newer method of
do its resources appear, so meagre its display of art teaching. Although the museum building
paintings, sculptures and other objects of art. proper has been in existence since 1889 its con-
And this emotion is justified superficially since tents are extremely limited in number, the walls
the general visitor simply looks through it as one and cases seeming impoverished when compared
of the "sights" of the campus without under- with the magnificent profusion of one of the great
Standing precisely what the museum's place is in art galleries of San Francisco, Chicago, Boston or
the university or college educational scheme. New York. The several galleries are austerely
That its paintings, its sculptures, its medals and simple although in the range of their exhibits they
coins, its objects of remote antique art should be cover the history of art from Egypt and Assyria
used as implements of education as are books or through Greece and Rome, the Gothic and early
test tubes or retorts would never occur to such a Renaissance periods with a few seventeenth-cen-

four thirty-two

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