International studio — 81.1925

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Volume | A~" ")/ ( V. 1 \_i \ Lv // L\ v^// | Number

LXXXI I -- 1 339

August 1925


rhe art of Frank The first American exhibi- passed when Brangwyn
Brangwyn is of a kind f'Lon 0f easel pictures by this found the vitriolic pen of

that refuses to be ig- English artist was recently the cntIC pom™fuat h™'

nored; it has been as vio- ff i i j > Boston ^°nCe S °

Ientiy criticized as praised, his vigor was simply vio-
but it has never been con- f-J £, LE N 6 OM STO 6 K Ience and his coIor was Iaid

signed to that limbo of on without attention to

silence which is the destination of harmless medi- value. He was very young when these criticisms

ocrity. No one will deny his arresting power and were made, but it is all the more to his credit that

few can resist pronouncing positive judgment. the critics took him so seriously. His talent was

The vitality of an artist's work may sometimes great for his years and those who attacked him

be measured by the amount of contumely it draws treated him as though he had come to the top of

upon itself, and while the day has long since his powers. It was a high compliment they paid



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