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/colonized by intelli- St. Paut's, WLckford, erected ally wide railings especially

(q gent, well educated 'in 1707, and its glebe-house, where the brass knob>

W people, Narragansett ^ WLtness to the skill of shaPedJ*e a ball, serves as
County reflects in its church ^ budders a ba^ wzth whrch to

the cultivated taste of those n/ii/fTTif/OC

responsible for its erection. J, H. 6UMMINQ0 The broken pediment

Built in 1707, during the terminating with carved

reign of Queen Anne, it gives evidence of benefit rosettes is interesting as is also the keystone in the
from a great calamity, namely, the revival of lintel. The doors at the back are a type of that

interest in architecture___._ concession to super-

that occurred when it stition, the "witch

became necessary to door," devised to keep

rebuild London after 3* eviI spirits out h? the

the great fire of 1666. VE2m&l^mm»-^ shaPe of its paneling

The fire, bringing out MHBH^^U^ which formed either a

as it did the genius of Ml^fe Roman cross or had

Sir Christopher Wren, Hj criss-cross stiles and

was also the cause of "A Kr mullions on the lower

the many books writ- panci.
ten at the time on ar- ML The fenestration

chitectural subjects. Wm^^ ~? mdicates free PIaY of

These books, brought IP the imagination; the

over to the New 1 treatment of two win-

World, formed the jM dows 011 cither side of

basis for the work of Bfe> the doorway and five

the Master Carpenter. p* on the second floor

He was his own archi- bemS a New England

tect and therefore free JD innovation. The rear

to exercise his fancy. %i fenestration, while

He builded to please B^_^^^WflM|| original, is logical

the eye, rather than to iHHH^-'^^'^^^HRHI enough—a window

follow any rule of jP*$^V*§5S-' . " tiM ' 3raH$ near each end to light

thumb, to which fact H .\^^S^gtt the gallery and two

is attributed the ^^^^^^^^J^^^^^^BH wmdows back of the

charm of much early Kg §| i H *\f?8 pulpit—and reminds

Tnlnrunl wnrlr i---"-- one "that this church

colonial work. gT PAUL'S (1707), wickford, Connecticut ....

Of more interest > was built in a day

U1 more inxcrcsr, detail of doorway, st. paul s . . j

both historically and ,- _j I whcn insufficient

architecturally, than ' ZIIIIZIZI^^^- means of lighting the

the average country zzzz~^-T7ii^--■-'- interiors made it nec-

church, quaint old St. —^^Sfr ^gJS^*j|>j*%^ ~ essary to admit as

Paul's has a doorway ^^0^^ '^^^NghriZZZZ: much of Nature's light

of incorrect proportion V as possible. When

but exceedingly at- I WM \ --- each frame was made

tractive effect. The _ Mi_v^>- by hand a slight vari-

necking so far below - a^ion of proportion

door and inside frame. J j ' - into five panes up, five

The door has unusu- L___1_:_~l panes across, the lower

july I925

two ninety-three
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