International studio — 81.1925

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Portrait Bas-Relief by (^eotxj Lober

portrait of paul
a. schoellkopf ii'
by georg lober

OF ALL the forms of art that flowered in the Italian Renaissance none is more exquisite than the bas-relief sculpture.
Its delicate tenderness, its quality of representation, its grace of design as a whole makes it stand side by side with the
finest Greek mortuary art. It was in this spirit Ceorg Lober wrought his portrait in low relief of young Paul A.Scboellkopf,
a work which might stand as symbolizing the American boy so typical is the original of our youth at its best. As a portrait it
is a vivid piece of realism. As a piece of craftsmanship it has few peers in American sculpture.

four sixty-six September 1925

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