International studio — 81.1925

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of oak planks and covered with
great wrought-iron hinges. This
front door opens into a compact
entrance hall whence a stair
opposite with its various land-
ings leads to the second lloor
and an archway under gives a
glimpse of the stairs to the base-
ment and the rear door. To the
left is a small study and adja-
cent to this study a cloak room
which in times of entertainment
can be converted into a service
pantry with a dumb-waiter to
the kitchen below. To the right
a wide archway leads to the
living room. This room has a
solid oak adzed beam ceiling—
the trees furnishing these beams
were specially felled as such
sizes were almost unobtainable
in the market. Planks span the
space between these beams in
place of the usual plaster. Up
two steps, at one end of this
room, is an alcoved window with
its cosy seat and at one side is a
stone fireplace.

In the basement immediately
beneath this room is a large bil-
liard room with alcoves for cards
and lounging. The kitchen and
lavatory are also on this floor.

The second floor contains a
meeting room, bedroom and sketch of lodge for kappa sigma karcher and smith, architects

bath. This bedroom serves nor-
mally to house the only member permitted by the of handwork and craftsmanship, that is so charac-
faculty to live in each lodge as a caretaker. tcristic of them, may be carried to the fullest

The lodge of Phi Sigma Kappa is smaller than extent and yet all cost kept within the permissible
either of the other two lodges but is planned with fixed maximum. In each case, however, the prob-
a view to future extension. The present construe- Iem was first studied in plan, always bearing in
tion includes a large living room covering practi- mind that the final solution should be not only a
cally the entire first floor with a small kitchenette structure solving the requirements of its occupants
in the little offset to the left of the entrance. A and thoroughly well constructed, but also and
spacious rough stone fireplace is located at one equally important, a completed building devoid
end of this living room and at the side of this fire- of the hardness, newness and sharpness of line of
place in the corner of the room rough open-framed the usual just finished work and distinctive in its
stairs lead upward to a gallery and thence to a quaintness of outline, its softness of apparently
bedroom and bath. weathered age and its charm everywhere of handi-

A college regulation requires that no lodge craft. It is the belief of the college authorities that
may be constructed at greater cost than $25,000. when this group is complete it will constitute the
This requirement wisely prevents any unhealthy only harmonious fraternity group in the United
building competition among the various fraterni- States—all lodges being in the same style and
ties at Swarthmore. To obtain the desired artistic designed not.alone for their particular and pecu-
effect therefore, all of these lodges have been kept Iiarly personal needs, but studied as well in their
as small as possible in plan in order that the touch relation each to the other.

one thirty-six

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