International studio — 81.1925

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to the architect's problem. With an active mem- and is an important factor m the determination

bership of from three hundred to three hundred of the architectural scheme for the club. Often,

and fifty, which is about the average, locker space when a club is built piecemeal, the locker rooms

must be provided for all the golfers. At first this are the first things erected.

space was restricted and usually in the basement; The planning of a modern golf club requires

bathing facilities were quite limited and the elab- special architectural study. It must combine the

orate paraphernalia, both sportive and social, of convenience of a first-class hotel with the infor-

the modern club was undreamed of. This was mality of a country residence. The club must be

well enough for a clubhouse located near the so designed that it can never be mistaken for a

homes of the majority of the members. These hotel. In size it must meet the maximum require-

came dressed to play and, after a sufficiently long ments of its membership; must allow space for

stop at the nineteenth hole, went home to remove their cars as well as their lockers; must provide

the signs of labor in the fields. But with the newer adequate facilities for every type of social activity

type of club, often miles from the nearest mem- in which its members will indulge; the restaurant

ber's residence, greater locker facilities were a must be able to provide for thirty persons on

necessity. The locker rooms must be well lighted Wednesday and two or three hundred on Saturday

and ventilated; adequate space provided for and Sunday and give perfect service always. It

showers; there must be a men's grill; valet service; must do all these things if its house committee is

and all this must be roomily housed. The locker not to be made up of men of sorrow, acquainted

problem became of first importance. with grief.

In most clubs an entire building, connected The fact that there arc just as few golf clubs

with the clubhouse proper, has been given over which are that alone as there are country clubs

to the locker room and its service. A long and which have not golf further complicates the archi-

comparatively low building has been most usual tect's problem. All the various functions must be

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MAY 1925
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