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which forms an invaluable check-list for print-collectors as striking in monochrome, and there is a fine Glackens,

well as a valuable chronological record of the art of the "French Open Air Cafe/' from the Barnes Collection,
woodcut. The list has been compiled from information

supplied by the artists themselves and gives tiie titles, J. L. FORAIN, No. 4, modern masters of

dimensions, states and editions of the various contempo- Etching Series. Introduction by Malcolm C.

rary pnn s. Salaman. The Studio, Ltd., London. Price,

Five Shillings, net.


nA iMxrMr r> ,l ■ d l t^i c .1 f t—*oo much cannot be said in praise of this series, which

PAIN I 1ING. By Catherine Beach klv. rrederic W ,. . . , , , ,

. . ,„ / sets iorth in several volumes the works ol contem-

Fairchild Sherman, New York. Price, $8.50. ± porary masters of etching- Favorabie comment has

already been made on the three preceding volumes devoted

Like all publications from Mr. Sherman, who has given respectively to the works of Frank Brangwyn, James
us such choice books on art of the year as Eliot Clark's McBey and Anders Zorn. The present volume again con-
Join Twacbtman and the volume on Charles Fraser tajms excellent facsimile prints of etchings. So close are
by Alice R. and D. E. Huger Smith, this latest book of his tnese reproductions to the originals that the amateur may
is a model of typographical excellence worthy of entry into wen be content with their possession and derive from them
the library of the discriminating bibliophile.' The material pleasure comparable to the ownership of first impressions,
of the book further commends it for the artists whom the por sch00Is and colleges, even small museums, these books
writer considers are not yet of an age to have been written 0frer invaluable opportunity for study and acquaintance,
of extensively in books and the only account of most of The present volume contains in addition to the illuminating
them is to be found in magazine articles. essay on tne work of Forain by Malcolm C. Salaman, an
This is the first volume from Mr. Sherman on contem- acknowledged authority on prints and their makers, repro-
porary art. Other phases of American art have been pretty ductions of twelve plates, among which are the "Prodigal
thoroughly covered by Mr. Sherman's books, among which Son," "The Christ Removing His Vestments," and "Christ
is his own beautiful book on Ryder, Cox's Winslow Homer, Bearing His Cross," rare interpretations of great religious
Clark's Alexander Wyant, Daingerfield's George Inness, two themes, as well as a selected number of plates setting forth
books on the early Americans by Bolton, and there are also episodes in the life of the French people,
books by Berenson and Valentiner on the Italians. The

service which Mr. Sherman has done in the combined field REMBRANDT HANDZEICHNUNGEN. By

of art and publishing has been called by Mr. Royal Cor- ttt r-. -ir ; ■ r\ ; -i r t a i

.[. e *i \r v 1, u u t -i <• W. • R. Valentiner. Deutsche V erlags-Anstalt,
tissoz, the art critic ol the New York Herald 1 rwune, a

valuable work, beautifully done." Berlin.

The present book carries the history of American art . , . ■ , . . >

t . .. . /^t->*his book, printed in German, with an introduction

into our own day, and ot the more immediate yesterdays, ^ I . , . en

. . . J ,, /by W. R. Valentiner, contains reproductions ot all

the artists who are written ol being Henri, Sloan, Bellows, / . . ,. , , • , n ,

_ , _ B '. the known Biblical drawings by Rembrandt. 1 he

Lawson, Lever, Glackens, Sargent, Brush, Weir, lhayer, ... r r , _,• . . . < t

_ . ,,.„ T r> ' ... ,, illustrations, four hundred and sixty in number, are excel-

Dewing, William iMclvillop, James bcott, Mary h. Walker, . . . .... . . .. . _ , ,

. , TT , , T „ , „ • . . „ . lent, and have their titles given in English, french and

John Held, Jr., Guy Pene duliois, Arthur 15. Davies, „ „, • j' r r. j •

,, , „ T , German. The approximate date ot each drawing is given,

Jerome Myers and George Luks. „

,. . . ..... . tiii as well as its present owner.

Many ot the articles which make up the book have _ . D , ..t. . r T t__c

, . . _ _ . „ , ... , , _, _ . , One cannot know Rembrandt without a knowledge ot

appeared in the Bullalo Saturday Nigbt, the I be Point oj , . ,. , ., , . c t i r <.

T,. TJr , . . „ . , . . . his studies, and these, his finest drawings, are ot great
View ot Kansas City, the Christian ocicnce Monitor and

Art in America. The disadvantage of such a compilation


is that the author is often apt to repeat, not in definite . t-,^ r-r^iTr\i^ r> V- <-■ r 7

• i r + + . • .... c ■ ■„ ,-i.„ THE ART OF ETCHING. By E. S. Lumsden.

material, but to show a rigidity ot viewpoint which does _ « , . • m>/-

not exist in a book which is conceived from its inception J■ B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia. Price, $6.00.

as such. For instance, it is a little wearisome to find each t ■ <• .t u t c„ „m

' . -ii /fn. Lumsden is an associate ot the Koyal bcottish

ot her subjects detended tor their wisdom in avoiding the /\ // . , , , . If . , A<. , ♦. i ,if „c

. . re ,■ ■ i IVI Academy and himself an etcher. At least halt ot

contaminating touch ot some fetish known as mod- JL ' J. , ■ i • ^ i --i r ■ f +^~u

., . „ r this volume is taken up with a discussion ot tech-

ermsm, tor which, since she assails it so frequently and . T . , , ^.i j i. if ■ „„ „

,' . . , ' , . , , , , „ ■ nicaI methods and procedure. The second halt gives a

bitterly, it would seem she might have marked ott certain ... f . , ■ T ■ i r„„:„„i

/ . T nT. 6. . . . , , survey of the art ot etching and in chronological order

boundaries. In the case ot Davies she is torced to condone . . . . . , ,. , ■ r • i r „

. r .. „ ..... , . . , deals with the works of the great etchers, including the

and finally to forgive his slight excursion into those ... • t r i r * i u -u u f „,„nf

J . 6 ° most distinguished etchers ot today. It will be ot most

angerous premises. interest to those who are practising etching and particu-

Her metaphors are not always happy, as when she . . . ; • i a

, .. . TT . , J . 11 ,. .... Iarly to those who are practising it unaided,
compares the pupils of Henri hanging on his words like

grapes upon a stem. But this may be overly severe criti- xmunnv Tn TXJr m^V> DflWT MHR

cism. The author is to be congratulated on her choice of A HANDBOOK TO THE PIERPONT MOR-

artists. William McKillop, James Scott and Mary E. GAN WING. By Joseph Breck and Meync R.

Walker are not familiar names and they deserve to be, Rogers. The Metropolitan Museum oj Art, New

while the serious work of John Held, Jr., is worthy of the York. Price, $1 in paper covers, $2 cloth bound.
attention she gives it. The paintings which illustrate the

book have been well chosen with a view to their CTT-11113 admirable work, which has been in preparation

appearance in black and white. It is difficult to find a / several years, not only furnishes authoritative com-

Lawson which looks well in reproduction, but the "Ice ment on the objects in the collection but considers

Bound Falls" which is in the Art Institute of Chicago is in general the arts of the periods they represent.

three ninety-two

august 1925
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