Die Form: Zeitschrift für gestaltende Arbeit — 5.1930

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Beleuchtungsplan für eine Umdrehung der Schalttrommel des
Lichtrequisits. Dauer zwei Minuten in 31 Beleuchtungsphasen
Plan d'eclairage pour un tour de rotation, des tambours de
lancement du poste d'illumination. Duree: 2 minutes pour
31 phases differentes d'illumination

Plan of Illumination for one rotation of the switchboard of
the lighting requisite. Duration two minutes, 31 phases of

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Lage der Glühbirnen, Rückansicht der vorderen Platte

Position des ampoules a incandescence, revers de la plaque
de devant

Position of the electric bulbs, rear view of the front plate

hinter« pl»U«

L i__ __»>!.»■ _ Jjj«rM <D«X

Lage der Glühbirnen, Rückansicht der hinteren Platte
Position des ampoules ä incandescence, revers de la plaque
du derriere

Position of the electric bulbs, rear view of the back plate

courir une petite boule sur une bände en forme de
huit passant entre les deux disques.

Le jeu de mouvements du troisieme secteur
s opere de la facon suivante: Sur une tige de verre

s'enroule une spirale en verre. Celle-ci decrit un
mouvement parabolique, en sens inverse ä celui du
grand disque. L'extremite du cöne touche le fond
qui consiste en une plaque de verre en forme de
secteur et placee en biais. Celle-ci est suspendue
au dessus d'une plaque miroitante en forme de




The Lighting Requisite is an apparatus for the
demonstration of special lighting and motion effects.
The model consists of a box in cubic form, dimen-
sions 120x120 centimetres, with a circular opening,
representing the opening towards the stage, in
front. Surrounding this opening on the back of the
sheet a number of electric bulbs are mounted,
yellow, green, blue, red and white. (About 70 illumi-
nation bulbs, each 15 watt power and 5 searchlight
bulbs, each 100 watt.) In the inferior of the box,
parallel to the front side, there is a second sheet,
also provided with a circular opening, which is also
provided with electric bulbs of various colors ranged
round the opening. Solitary bulbs flash up in various
places according to a pre-arranged plan. They
illuminate a mechanical device which is in constant
movement and which is built up, partly of trans-
parent material, partly of material pervious to light,
and partly of perforated material, in order to attain
the projection of shadow-forms as linear as possi-
ble, on the rear wall of the closed box. (If the
projection take place in a darkened room, the rear
wall of the box may be removed and the colors and
shadows thrown behind the box upon a sheet of
any size.)

The mechanism is built up on a circular plate upon
which a frame in three sections has been secured.
The dividing walls consist of transparent zellon and
one wall of metal, built up of vertical staves. Each
of the three sectors into which the frame is divided,
contains a moving picture, which comes into action
when this section of the revolving plate is facing the
opening to the stage.

The moving picture in the first sector: Threa
staves move in swinging curves (since the outline
of the ceiling differs from the outline of the floor)
along an endless track. Various materials, such as
transparent gauze, parallel horizontal staves and
wire netting are mounted on the three staves.

The moving picture in the second sector: A large,
immoveable plate of aluminium lies in each of three
planes lying behind one another; before this is a
smaller, perforated nickel-plated brass plate which
moves up and down; meanwhile, between the two,
a small bullet is cast on a slanting track.

The moving picture in the third sector: A glass
staff, wound about with a glass spiral. This
describes a conical movement in a contrary direc-
tion to the large sheet. The point of the cone
touches the floor, which consists of a slanting,
bisected glass plate. This plate is suspended above
another circular plate which reflects the movements

Translated by E. T. Scheffauer

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